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All Camping Equipment is Complimentary – Please Refer to 4WD’S & Campers and Gallery Pages

4WD Bush Camper Medium RTT

4WD Bush Camper Medium RTT

Best Use: Light Off-Road & Highway
Number of Passengers: 5
From: $120* per day

4WD Bush Camper Canopy RTT

4WD Bush Camper Canopy RTT

Best Use: Off-Road & Highway
Number of Passengers: 5
From: $130* per day


4WD Bush Camper Large GT

Best Use: Off-Road & Highway
Number of Passengers: 5
From: $140* per day


4WD Bush Camper Large RTT

Best Use: Off-Road & Highway
Number of Passengers: 5
From: $150* per day

Why Moreton Island 4WD Hire?

Whether exploring Australia’s rugged outback on a long holiday or just a long weekend at the
lake, Moreton Island 4WD Hire is the right choice for all your 4×4 needs.


No Limit on Kilometres


Full Briefing on Pick-up

Help Operator

Professional Customer Service


Only Best Makes & Current Models

Money Bag

No Hidden Fees

Road Assistance

Emergency Breakdown Assistance


All Vehicles Off-Road Insured

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Competetive Rates

hema map

Off-Road OK as long as on HEMA MAPS

Australia-wide Network

Moreton Island 4WD Hire

You won’t find a more convenient way to explore the beautiful Moreton Island than with Moreton Island 4WD Hire. You can reach even the most remote places with ease and enjoy having the freedom to go wherever you want at your own pace.

At Moreton Island 4WD Hire we specialise in providing 4WD Bush Campers in all kinds of different sizes & combinations – both as a Ground Tent GT & Roof Top Tent RTT set ups.

You won’t have to worry about any kind of equipment, as our Bush Campers come completely furnished and ready to go with Camping Equipment Packages suitable to any journey and number of people travelling.

After all, you don’t want to spend time worrying about equipment when you ought to be enjoying the amazing scenery that exploring Moreton Island on 4WD can offer.

Why Choose Moreton Island 4WD Hire?

Moreton Island 4WD Hire is part of a nationwide network of 4WD agencies, spread across all the major cities in Australia.

We offer a range of current model vehicles to choose from, including all the big name brands in the industry such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, VW, Holden, Hummer, Jeep, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so you can always trust the reliability of quality when riding one of our vehicles, no matter the terrain and conditions.

Our team at Moreton Island 4WD Hire have years of experienced in the 4WD industry, as well as in-depth knowledge of Moreton Island and its surroundings, which allows us to provide you detailed advice and guidance when planning your trips.

We will help you select the right vehicle for your individual needs and prepare it according to the number of passengers, type of trip, terrain, operating conditions and many other factors, so you can relax and enjoy the journey without having to worry about the details.

We can even offer Moreton Island Bush Camper Hire for tourists, for those that want to enjoy a self-drive holiday experience in Moreton Island and its surroundings. Hiring light commercial vehicles is also a possibility if need be.

If you know exactly what vehicle you are looking for, or just want to explore different options, there’s plenty to choose from at Moreton Island 4WD Hire – we have small, medium, large and extra-large 4WDs, luxury 4WDs, dual cabs with canopy and a number of different Bush Campers.

Our main goal is to provide every recreational 4WD enthusiast a way to enjoy a safe and fun on-road and Off-Road experience, no matter what the conditions might be. Our 4WD vehicles have all the necessary equipment for touring and travelling, including a insurance policy so that you are covered and can have peace of mind throughout the trip.

Our Off-Road Insurance package means that you have the freedom to enjoy all the thrills that the Off-Road experience can provide. While most other 4WD hire companies usually restrict where you can take the vehicles, Moreton Island 4WD Hire allows to drive on all HEMA maps dirt tracks and unsealed roads when they are open and safe for passage.

Besides an all-inclusive Off-Road insurance package, we also offer Emergency Breakdown Assistance with manufacturer’s warranties. Our experience in the industry allows to prepare for even the least likely scenarios and act immediately in case of any sort of vehicle or another type of failure (subject to availability).

With our wide selection of 4WD Hire or Moreton Island Camper Hire options, you can reach all of Moreton Island’s picturesque destinations.

Moreton Island Camper Hire

There’s no better way to experience the true serene beauty of Moreton Island landscape than with a camper – you just can’t beat enjoying the nature from within, sleeping under the stars and hearing nothing than the sounds of Mother Nature.

When staying in one of many campgrounds or caravan parks, you can’t go wrong choosing one of our Bush Campers with Ground Ten GT & Roof Top Tent RTT set up.

The Bush Campers in our selection are all suitable for Off-Road driving and come complete with camping equipment so that you always have everything you might need.

We take pride in our all-inclusive customer service package – our main goal is to provide an enjoyable and stress-free Moreton Island experience tailored to individual needs for all of our customers.

Our Bush Campers come equipped with camping chairs, beds, self-inflatable mattresses, ground tents, rooftop tents and annexes, awnings, a table, fridge, stove, light, first aid kit, fuel and water canisters, as well as an atlas and a recovery kit.

Why you should choose us:

  • Customizable and fully equipped 4WD and bush campers to suit all needs;
  • Big name brand vehicles and top-quality equipment for reliability and durability in all conditions;
  • Insurance which allows for both on-road and Off-Road driving with minimal restrictions;
  • Immediate road assistance in case anything could go wrong, for complete peace of mind;
  • Expert customer support to help you plan a perfect trip, prepare the equipment and vehicles and provide support throughout.

Contact Us for an obligation Free Quote or simply complete our Book Online form and submit it.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Please call our Sales Office for more details.. Please call our Sales Office for more details.

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